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Air Classics
April 2018

On The COver

Technicians surround NASA Chief X-15 Project Pilot Joe Walker prior to a rocket flight early in the program. (NASA)


    Flying gun-nosed B-25J Mitchells against welldefended Japanese targets was no easy mission / by William Goodrich
    The brave and daring American test pilots that flew the North American X-15 to the absolute limits / by Mike Machat
    Concluding our book-length feature on the amazing aircraft that aided the development of advanced aeronautics and also the creation of one of WWII’s most famous fighter aircraft / by Peter M. Bowers
    Highlighting vintage and veteran aircraft news from around the globe along with detailed reports on saving a rare Boeing KB-50J and flying a C-45 around the world
    On the Beech
    Saving a KB-50J
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