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Air Classics
February 2018

On The COver

Messerschmitt Bf 109G-12 on one of its early test flights over Germany. Photography by Richard Paver


    This P-47D Thunderbolt has a long and colorful history / by Michael O’Leary
    Part Three on our book-length history of these famous races begins with 1923 — the year the Americans stunned the Europeans with their new generation of racing aircraft / by Peter M. Bowers
    To help stem the incredibly high Messerschmitt Bf 109 accident rate, the two-seat dual-control Bf 109G-12 was created. However, it was far from being the ideal solution / by Richard Paver
    This Boeing B-17G honored America’s most famous general / by R.W. Jackson
    All the latest vintage and veteran aircraft news from around the world along with a feature on how Convairs were recently used to fly relief supplies to Puerto Rico
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