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Air Classics
January 2018

On The COver

Fantastic photograph of a Curtiss test pilot with his early model P-40 prior to a high altitude flight. (National Archives)


    Part Two of our comprehensive history on the Schneider races — events that would lead to the development of one of WWII’s most effective fighter aircraft / by Peter M. Bowers
    Crash-landing his flaming Mosquito, an American pilot escapes the Nazis through the sewers of Paris / by Bob Hunter
    Complete history of the magnificent, but controversial, Martin P6M SeaMaster / by Stephane Nicolaou
    This latest gathering of global news regarding vintage and veteran airliners has both positive and negative aspects / by Ralph M. Pettersen
    All the latest vintage and veteran aircraft news from around the world along with a feature on how Convairs were recently used to fly relief supplies to Puerto Rico
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