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Air Classics June 2018

On The COver

Dramatic portrait of a gunner aboard a Hall PH-3 flying boat was taken by Rudy Arnold.


    The XF4U-3 was an attempt to turn the Corsair into a high-altitude interceptor. We examine that aircraft along with several other little-known bent-wing birds / by Nicholas A. Veronico
    The Avro CF-105 Arrow was a radical high-performance interceptor designed to protect North America from a new Soviet bomber threat. However, the plane was killed by the machinations of Canadian and American politicians. Some 60-years after the type’s first flight, we examine the Arrow and learn how the politicians virtually destroyed Canada’s innovative aviation industry / by Murray Peden
    Basically forgotten today, Charles Ward Hall and his innovative aluminum flying boats helped pave the way for America’s aviation industry switch to aluminum construction techniques / by Marshall Wainwright
    This aircraft went through an incredibly long gestation period as the designers attempted build an efficient flying machine. Trouble was, no one wanted it! / by Howard Carter
    Troubling news from Britain about a Jet Warbird pilot being indicted for manslaughter plus other global developments including a possible fire-bomber fiasco
    Fire Bomber Fiasco?
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